07 junio, 2009


Esto es lo que aparece en superannuation:

Voice Over
Video Game for Midway…


[ FEMALE 3 ]
Allegiance: villain Age: 1,000s of years Actor/Voice: African-American or Middle Eastern, 20s or 30s; commanding but still feminine (think Hallie Berry as Storm in the X-Men but with no accent) She is one of many warriors forced to serve the Emperor. Best friend to Female 4, daughter of the emperor, her loyalties are tested when Female 4’s allegiance to begins to wane towards the Resistance.

[ MALE 5 ]
Race: Asian, becomes a Cyborg Country of origin: unknown Allegiance: neutral Voice: low, powerful, slight accent Age: 30s Male 5 is possibly the most ruthless of the secretive assassins. A technology enthusiast, he volunteered to be the first to undergo transformation to a cyborg. His enhanced skills and hard-hearted nature make him the perfect killing machine. He now searches for rogue clan members in order to bring them back to for cyber-conversion.

[ MALE 8 ]
Race: Native American (possibly Lakota Sioux) Allegiance: hero Age: 30s-40s Voice: Smooth, low, calm Male 8 is a great Native American shaman and thus is intimately connected to the spirit world. These powers, in combination wih his superior fighting skills, make him a most trusted ally, and one of the most formidable protectors of Earth.

[ MALE 9 ]
Race: African-American Allegiance: neutral, becomes a villain Age: 20s Male 9 is a member of the secretive ninja assassins’ guild. As such, he’s loyal to whoever pays him. Unlike his fellow members, however, there are certain lines he won’t cross. His interest in the guild seems to be waning, especially after learning of their plans to convert some of their members into cyborgs.

[ MALE 10 ]
Race: sorcerer Allegiance: villain Voice: slight indeterminably Asian accent in two versions: ancient and 40s An evil sorcerer, Male 10 hosts the Mortal Kombat tournament and is the final opponent of any Earth warrior skilled enough to survive to the championship round. His command of sorcery allows him to morph into other warriors, taking on their strengths and abilities. To sustain his life, he consumes the souls of those he defeats. He begins the story as a withered old man, but later is rejuvenated.

[ MALE 11 ]
Race: Chinese Allegiance: Shaolin monks (hero) Actor: Asian male, 20s, slight undeterminably Asian accent Male 11 is a Shaolin monk. He fought for the right to represent Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament but lost to his friend and rival. Younger and less experienced than his counterpart, his skill is unquestioned. He just needs to learn how to keep his emotions and impulsiveness in check.

[ MALE 13 ]
Race: African-American Allegiance: U.S. Special Forces (hero) Age: 30s Male 13 is the commander of a secret Special Forces unit. While pursuing a black-market arms dealer, he and his subordinate are forced to participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament. They try to complete their mission in the midst of otherworldly creatures wielding fearsome magical powers. He is built like a linebacker and is proficient in cutting-edge technology. Eventually his kombat skill is increased when his arms are replaced with super-powerful cybernetic prosthetics.

En base a las descripciones estos pueden ser los personajes:

  • Female 3: Jade (hace referencia a Kitana (Female 4))
  • Male 5: Sektor
  • Male 8: Nightwolf
  • Male 9: Cyrax
  • Male 10: Shang Tsung
  • Male 11: Kung Lao
  • Male 13: Jax
De ser cierto, cabe esperar que el roster contenga un mínimo de trece personajes masculinos y cuatro femeninos. Pero ojo al dato, porque según las descripciones de los personajes, estaríamos ante Shaolin Monks 2. Sería genial poder ver el inicio de la invasión, el proceso de automatización de los Lin Kuei y la traición de Sub-Zero o como Jax modificó sus brazos. Aún así no hay confirmación al respecto por lo que hay que ser prudentes.

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Sata-Niko dijo...

pineso q el numero 9 se refiere a cyrax... no crees??? un abrazo y gracias por estar siempre informando... cheers!

Desperado dijo...

Tienes razón, ahora lo cambio. Gracias.

Nikorpse dijo...

wow,... muchas gracias por tomar en cuenta el comment... se agradece.. reitero mis agradecimientos a tu labor!!! cheers desde Chile

Anónimo dijo...

Tal vez sea el tan esperado MK de aventura de Scorpion, incluso podría ser que empezara desde el 1er Mortal Kombat...