08 octubre, 2008


Hector Sanchez ha regresado con su alias de MK_Hec al foro. Aunque en un principio pareció que iba a dar de nuevo el coñazo con Snappy, después reveló el estado del juego:

2 fatalities per character!
All of the content is in the game, we're balancing the characters now and making sure we're compliant with Sony and Microsoft's technical requirements!
The MKast will be coming soon. we've been really, really busy these last few weeks.
WorldsCollide.com is getting a huge update! That should be happening this week or maybe next week as well. Tons of new content will be available!
Don;t know about exactly when the renders are coming out but we definitely have plans to release renders for EVERYONE!{YEp DS and SK, too!)
How many people have pre-ordered?

Así pues pronto tendremos toneladas de novedades en la olvidada WorldsCollide.com.

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