12 agosto, 2008


Los chicos de GameRadar han hecho una visita a los chicos del MK Team, en concreto Steve Beran y John Vogel. De la entrevista cabe destacar lo siguiente:

  • MK: Armageddon ended in a massive fight. Where does MK vs DC Universe fit in?

    This isn’t a continuation from Armageddon. It’s an offshoot. It’s non-canonical. We tried to keep it as canonical as we could, but this is its own story.

  • Which DC characters do you like most?

    Recently I’ve been reading the Green Lantern collection, the Sinestro stuff. And I was never really into Shazam, but they’ve got a new series called the Trials of Shazam that actually manages to make the character cool. And I like Lobo.

  • If you had the opportunity to punch a DC character’s head off, who would it be?

    Aquaman. He just doesn’t really seem to fit anymore.

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